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Martigy Piggy was founded out of the fondness of creating martinis and provides easy to follow, how-to videos and recipes to make some of the most flavorful and gorgeous looking cocktails. Whether you are looking to create something simple to enjoy with your friends poolside or something fancy for a holiday celebration, you’ll find the perfect drink for your next party or event.





Cat always had a passion for creating martinis. Whether it's for her friends or for family, she truly enjoys making a cocktail that is not only beautiful to look at but that is also delicious to drink.

Cat had a dream to bring her martini creations, as well as the creations of others to life through how-to videos, easy to follow recipes and Vlogs, thus Martigy Piggy was born.

Cat is a digital marketing strategist with experience in web design, SEM, social media as well as email marketing tactics. She has created campaigns for B2B and B2C clients for more than 13 years.





Leah is very passionate about food and beverage, whether it’s entertaining for a large group or just a friend or two! She loves to travel and learn about other cultures to expand her cocktail, wine, and food pairings.

Her experience has been influenced by having a deep root in the food and beverage industry, her first being in the food industry and working for a beverage distributor. From there she expanded her knowledge while working in the hotel industry and takes an active interest with her clients in pairing the perfect cocktails, wines, and food to complement their events and
wow guests!

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